NT ProForm offers a range of formwork systems to meet our clients' needs and project requirements:

1. MevaDec, Strongshor style and other conventional systems for suspended slabs

2. Doka and other conventional system for rectangular columns, Ezytube for high quality finish circular columns

3. Conventional systems for walls

The first two are outlined in more detail below. Please contact us if you wish to know more. 

MevaDec System

MevaDec System

Working safely while saving time.

The MevaDec system is used for suspended slabs because we found it to meet all of our OH&S requirements and to be the most efficient and flexible to use for hand-set application. MevaDec is suitable for any slab - using integrated facing in panels, the system allows you to change forming direction, since it has no fixed grid. 

The MevaDec system can support 3 different methods for any slab:

  1. Drop-head - beam - panel method with early stripping

  2. Panel method (without beams

  3. Primary and secondary beam method with loose facing for compensation areas

Doka Column Formwork System

Doka Column System

Precision - every time. 

The Doka Framax System is used to do up to 10 columns per day ranging from 100mm to 900mm. The system provides ultimate flexibility, as well as increased precision and safety compared to  traditional systems.